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Say NO to tuitions, students tell parents

posted Sep 5, 2014, 6:07 AM by Hanif Kanjer   [ updated Sep 5, 2014, 6:07 AM ]
Jul 18, 2008, 03.46 AM IST

Hanif Kanjer, the director  of Rustomjee Cambridge International School who came up with the idea

Rustomjee Cambridge International School (RCIS) in Dahisar has hit upon a novel way of dissuading parents from sending their children to coaching class. School officials called parents for a special session on Wednesday where the children made presentations through hand-made posters about the perils of tuition classes. 

The school has also started additional teaching sessions during school hours for students who are weak in studies.

Hanif Kanjer, the director of RCIS who came up with the idea, said he had decided on it after discussing it with teachers and the principal over the past three weeks. “We thought it would create a great impact on parents if the children themselves explained what problems they faced at tuition classes,” Kanjer said.

The school has also decided to have a session on “no-tuition” campaign at every open-house meeting. 

“It was found that the method adopted by school teachers and tuition teachers is different, which adds to the student’s confusion. Children also deserve some time for play and other activities which they miss out on because of tuition classes.  The timings at our school are 8.30 am to 4.30 pm after which students have to attend a three-hour tuition class. This gives them absolutely no time to relax,” Kanjer added.

Children also deserve some time for play and other activities which they miss out on because of tuition classes. With 3-hour tuition class after school hours, students have absolutely no time for extra-curricular activities
– Hanif Kanjer

 Students say 

We asked all students to make posters on what they feel about tuition classes. We have put up these posters all over the school premises. I am very confident that this campaign will be a success.

- Avani Bhagat, 14, a Std IX student and head-girl of the school 

I have never felt the need to go to tuition class. I feel whatever we are taught at school is sufficient. Apart from that I do self-study at home. My parents too emphasise that I must take part in extra-curricular activities rather than join a coaching class.

- Siddharth Menon, 14, Std IX, head-boy of the school

What’s the need to go to two schools? My mom teaches me at home after school hours and I also get enough time to play with my friends

- Kush Desai, 8, Std III

I had joined a coaching class for a month and I found that it does nothing but add to the stress. As a student counsellor of my class, I try to persuade parents of my classmates to avoid sending them to coaching class

- Ameya Kamath, 13, Std VIII

The students of Rustomjee Cambridge International School with the posters they made and presented to parents on Wednesday

Parents say 

Meanwhile, parents remain divided over the issue. While some feel tuition classes are not needed, others say their children definitely need extra classes. Jagruti Vaishnav, whose son is a Std IV student at RCIS, said, “Sending a child for tuition classes is a waste of time. 

Children do not get enough time to relax or play.  Tuition classes are only required if parents are uneducated and are unable to teach their children at home.” Charlene D’Souza, mother of a Std VI student, said, “Both my husband and I work and return home late. 

In that case, we want our son to study and follow certain discipline and, hence, it becomes important for us to send him to tuition class.”