RCIS (D) Fee acknowledgement

If your name doesn't reflect here despite having paid the fees, we request you to check the following:
  1. Does your bank account statement reflect the transaction ? If it does, then email a copy of the online transaction details (not just the statement) to tanya(a)school.rustomjee.com 
  2. DO NOT CALL the School Office with the details. Email of your transaction will be required 
  3. It is possible that your transaction was reversed due to an error in the bank IFSC code or any other data entry error. You need to refer to the link with instructions given in the next line and you may then re initiate the transaction 
  4. For complete details on how to do the transaction online for ICICI as well as non ICICI bank a/c holders, please visit the website link Fee payment steps 
  5. If you have paid only one component of the fees, your name will not reflect here. Please ensure you make the balance payment too