Volunteer forms only 2013. This page is still to be updated for 2015

Parent Volunteer form

Our Pre Primary kids are looking for master storytellers,who can entertain the kids not only by narrating stories,but also by using puppets for the same.

Parents have to narrate a short ,simple story -using puppets 
The activity will be conducted on 23rd August ,Thursday ,between 11:00 am and 12:30 pm..
It could be an individual parent or a group (maximum 3 in a group) presenting the story.
The story should be in English only.The duration of the story should not exceed 10 minutes.The parent will have to make/carry their own puppets.The parent may /may not be allotted the same class where their child studies.
Please avoid cancellations at the last minute as they disappoint young children.


Please do fill up the form below if you are interested in volunteering for the activity.

Story with Puppets : Volunteer form

Alumni Volunteer form

We invite our alumni to contribute to the development of the school and, also, build your profile by gaining appreciation letters/certificates for your involvement.  Please do create and share your gmail id with the school.

You could be involved in the following ways:
  1. Be a mentor to IGCSE/A-Levels students
  2. Conduct tutorial sessions/teach a subject depending on your time commitment
  3. Guide students to prepare for competitive entrance exams
  4. Guide students on school projects, participate in the school annual days, etc.
  5. Help us create "The college Directory" (this can be done from home)
You need to fill in the following RCIS Alumni Volunteer form. We encourage you to create a gmail id which will enable you to access the alumni forum documents and, also, keep in touch with other alumni.

RCIS alumni form